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FairfaxResidents.org is a site organized by a group of Fairfax homeowners, housing providers and renters. We are now part of MarinResidents.org. We promote the education of issues surrounding rent control in Fairfax and Marin. All citizens of this area deserve opportunity to thrive in their life, their choice of housing, and how they conduct their business. We believe in a balanced approach in regards to housing, so that housing providers, homeowners and renters can feel that they are being treated with respect. We feel that homeowners and housing providers have been overlooked when it comes to providing protection so that they are secure in their home and actions in dealing with their property. This is a human right and an American right, and we believe this is a fundamental part of our democracy.


In 2019, California and Gov. Newsom passed statewide ‘rent control’ with limits on causes for eviction and limits on yearly rental increases. The bill, AB 1482, provides renter ‘protections’ against abusive landlords. It does not provide enough protections for housing providers regarding abusive tenants. Whereas there are fundamental issues with this bill, we respect the current law and believe that all housing providers need to be guided by its language.

In 2022, the Fairfax Town Council pass extra rent control, the ‘Just Cause’ and ‘Rent Stabilization’ ordinances that go way beyond the California State Law and what Gov. Newsom enacted. Other municipalities are also considering extra rent control measures. The effect of this is to burden all housing providers, and expose them to potential abuse and financial liability from their tenants.

The consequence of these ordinances, is to create a divisive community atmosphere, less rental options and higher initial rents for new renters, severe limitations on the return on investment of housing providers, and a greater stratification of income diversity.

Our belief

We believe that the Town Council should repeal the implementation of the rent control ordinances and build consensus within the community regarding protections for all parties. We believe they should do this immediately.

We are funded by you, the residents and businesses of Fairfax and Marin through your donations. We ask for your continued support through the Marin Residents PAC.

Thank You.