Origins of Extra Rent Control

We decided to set the record straight as to the origins of the passage of extra rent control in Fairfax. In 2019, Gov. Newsom passed AB 1482, California Statewide Rent Control (Tenant Protection Act). This will exist until 2030 and govern Housing Provider – Tenant Interactions.

Origins of Extra Rent Control Ordinances – You have to check out the emails!

We wanted to start to clarify two important points regarding the origins of extra rent control in Fairfax.  The origins didn’t start with a DSA presentation in May of 2022. They started early Jan of 2022 with outreach from the DSA of Marin.

4. In Oct 2022 when the TC was thinking that some of the provisions were too strong, there was prodding from the DSA chair to make sure the provisions were as onerous as possible, including the triple damages provisions.

This should outrage all Fairfax residents.  The extra rent control measures were not created out of necessity, not created organically, not created by any elected official of Fairfax and the residents were not allowed to vote on the ordinance.