Keep Fairfax Fair Ballot Initiative

Congratulations! On July 14, 2023 the organizer and the signatories heard from the Fairfax Town Clerk that the Keep Fairfax Fair Ballot Initiative was accepted by the Town and on August 2, the Town Council will discuss adopting the initiative as it stands, or put it up for a vote of the people in 2024. This is a major victory for the residents of Fairfax, the volunteers and the organizers.

In response to the Town Council’s adoption of their rent control ordinances in November of 2022, the Keep Fairfax Fair Act ballot initiative was created to give the people of Fairfax an opportunity to voice their concern over not being allowed to vote on these measures and determine the direction of their community. It is working its way to be on the ballot in 2024.

Download the PDF of the Keep Fairfax Fair Ballot Initiative here.

Keep Fairfax Fair Act

In 2019, California passed Assembly Bill 1482 - the Statewide Tenant Protection Act.
On November 2, 2022, the Fairfax Town Council passed two far more severely restrictive ordinances known as ‘Just Cause’ and ‘Rent Stabilization’ without any input from housing providers, or a vote by the citizens of Fairfax.

These new ordinances have already reduced demand for all property types in town, including single-family homes, according to local realtors, lowering values by reducing the pool of buyers willing to own here.

Additionally, every owner of a rental unit, legal or otherwise, will be required to register sensitive information annually with the Town and pay a per-unit fee; implementation of the ordinances will be managed by new employees and enforced by the Berkeley Rent Board. 

The attached Keep Fairfax Fair Act is an initiative which brings the decision of additional rent controls and just cause back to the citizens of Fairfax.	

This Act repeals the two overreaching ordinances enacted by the Town Council and allows California’s existing statewide just cause laws to govern the actions of housing providers and tenants in Fairfax.	

Additionally, the Act reinstates Fairfax’s preexisting rent mediation process regulating rent increases over 5%.

This Act helps to eliminate the harm that Fairfax’s draconian new ordinances inflict on homeowners, housing providers, and tenants alike. It allows homeowners and housing providers to maintain the value of their properties, provide quality housing accommodation for families and seniors, and encourages additional housing to help make Fairfax affordable now as well as in the future.	

Additionally, it supports keeping rents accessible for new renters and existing renters wanting to change location.

Overall, this act will allow for a more equitable and diverse community. 

Most importantly, this Act enables the residents of Fairfax to determine the direction and future of our community by a direct vote of the people. 
What the Act Does

This act repeals both the ‘Just Cause’ and ‘Rent Stabilization’ portions of the rent control ordinances. It keeps the optional rent mediation section for rent increases > 5% per year.

Many residents consider this a way for the Voters of Fairfax to register their choice for the encouragement of more affordable housing, a more economically vibrant community and a more equitable Fairfax for all residents.

Of course, the Fairfax Town Council could do the progressive thing and repeal these ordinances and help protect mom & pop housing providers, homeowners and renters from the damaging consequences. We hope that they do, before the 2024 election.


On January and February of 2023, a group of residents crafted the ballot initiative with the help of their legislative affairs attorney as the definitive response to the Fairfax Town Council’s overreach extra rent control ordinances.

The paperwork was submitted to the Town on 2/27. The Town has accepted the paperwork and given it a title and summary. The notice will be placed in public locations and published in the Pacific Sun. Then, signatures will be collected to put the initiative on the ballot in 2024 or before.

Congratulations! On July 14 we heard from the Fairfax Town Clerk that our Ballot Initiative was accepted by the Town and on August 2, the Town Council will discuss adopting the initiative as it stands, or put it up for a vote of the people in 2024.

Thank you! to all the hard working volunteers and signatories that made this happen!

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