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We believe that knowledge is power. We present articles, links and videos so that you can become informed on this issue. We believe that once you know about the ordinances and the consequences, you will understand why we are working in opposition to them. And don’t worry too much about being overwhelmed. Thank you and enjoy.

Homeowner and Landlord Speaker Event:

5.54 ‘Just Cause’ and 5.55 ‘Rent Stabilization Ordinances to be Delayed and Reconsidered – PDF

Comprehensive presentation of current rent control regulations : Summary of Current 10/23 Local Rent Control Regulations – PDF Presented by Town of San Anselmo

Current ‘Just Cause’ Restrictions – PDF

Current ‘Rent Stabilization’ Restrictions – PDF

Arguments for Delay and Opposition to the Ordinances

Comprehensive Fairfax Housing report 2021 – pdf

Just Cause & Rent Control process – 9/22 Staff Report – pdf

Fairfax Housing Workshop summary 10/22 – pdf

Town of FF ‘Renter Protection’ resources- link

March 2023 Draft Housing Element Plan link


FF Town Council Meeting Video – April 5. Comments on Rescinding Extra Rent Control at 2hr 50 Mins – 6 hr 15.

FF Town Council Meeting Video – Comments on rescinding Rent Control Feb 1, 2023 Start at 2hr 32 mins – 7hr 30mins (if you can).

FF Town Council Meeting VideoDec 7, 2023 Open Comments re Rent Control Start at – 2 hr 11 mins – 4 hr

FF Town Council Meeting Video – Passage of Ordinances Nov 4. 2022 Start at 1hr 39 minutes – 4hr 45 mins for Rent Control arguments.

Fairfax Town Council Archives

Archive of Town Council Meetings & Agendas – link

FF Staff Report 2-15- $140K for Implementation

Cal AB 1482 – Review – Cal Apt Assn. – link

Cal AB 1482 – Current Tenant Protection Act – Text of Act – PDF

Text of Cal AB 1482 – Renter Protection (Existing Rent Control)

Review of AB 1482 regarding rent control measures – Golden Gate Law Review


SF Small Property Owner’s site – Articles & Resources

Rent Control and Housing Shortages – Video CNBC 3/2023

Rent Control: Economic Arguments – Brookings

Rent Control Makes Housing Shortages – Economist

Rent Control Does More Harm Than Good – Bloomberg

Why Rent Control Doesn’t WorkFreakonomics

Evidence Against Rent Control – NPR

NYC Landlords Holding Back 60K Units – NYPost

Costa-Hawkins Summary re rental housing

Oakland Rent Control Limits Housing

Tenant from Hell – Rental Story: LA Times- PDF

May 2023 Legal Aid of Marin Presentation to Marin County

Who Wrote the Fairfax Rent Control Ordinances? – Pacific Sun Article – PDF

Democratic Socialists of America (ordinance originators) – Link

KPIX video Dec 2022 – Rent Control in Fairfax

We are a local group of your neighbors and we want to appeal to your generosity and better angels and ask you to contribute a few bucks to help us advance the fight.   Any amount is greatly appreciated and will be used for further outreach and to “Help Make Marin Affordable and Stop Extra Rent Control Now”.

Legal Resources:
Legal Resources:

Summary of new CA rental laws.

Great Haylan Interview with Bornstein Law

Bornstein Law – Articles

Apartment Nerd – Landlord Resources and Brown Act Primer – for Open Gov. Public Meeting Input FAQs

Emails of Town Officials and Staff: Make your voice heard and your opinion count! Please email your perspective as a home owner, landlord or renter to our Town officials. Town email page.

Barbara Coler – Council member.

Bruce Ackerman – Council member

Chance Cutrano – Mayor

Stephanie Hellman – Council member

Liesel Blash – Council member

All of the Town Council – all

Michelle Gardner – Town Clerk

Heather Abrams – Town Manager

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